Technology University of the World – Project – Global Mentor Corporation, USA


Its a lovely day when GBTC Network gets yet another jewel for its crown.  Global Mentor Corporation – Digital Technology University situation in Delaware, USA is the new partner to our GBTC network.  GBTC will be their strategy and brand broadcasting partner for their Project Technology University of the world.

This noble initiative is to make the most complex and costly technology education to become affordable or as they term “Almost Free” to students and enthusiasts all across the world.  As their motto goes “Learning is continuous” in todays context anyone who wants to change their career at any age can make use of this initiative and get the much needed technical knowledge.

Their famous “Campus to corporate” program will have a lovely supplementary service project initiative.  this Technology University of the world project will be assisted by various trainers from local and international zone who are in touch with GMC.

GBTC is very happy to be part of this project and we take this opportunity to thank Mr. Subramaniam, Founder Managing Director of Global Mentor Corporation, USA.

Check about GMC –

Also check our parent company – for the services which they offer for corporates – startups to Conglomerate.


Electrical EPC For Renewable Energy -USD 5Million – GBTC “Business Growth Partnership”



GBTC has been appointed by Upcoming Electrical EPC Contractor who engages primarily for all renewable energy projects in India with gross project turnover more than 150Million USD.

Their upcoming Global Business Growth Project of USD5 Million is underway to get shape for implementation.  They have appointed GBTC (Division of MediaMetrics) to be their Global Business Growth Partner with specific agenda and partnership throughout the project.

Aviation : GBTC Setting Foot as Growth Partners in 71.8 Million USD Project


2019 Born to GBTC with a Hearty welcome through its partnership with a major Aviation Company in Asia to be their “Business Growth Partners” for their USD 71.8 Million USD.  The appointment comes at the verge of their project “Aviation 360” which is conceived with local players to bring in the cost advantage in the field where the current trend goes on with a complete cost creep.

The appointment and agreeement signed on 3rd January 2019 appoints GBTC (Division of MediaMetrics) not just Partners to this project but also one of the key member in the Overall Management Committee with additional role of being the architect of the entire scheme.

This is overall 15 years outlay with complete project valuation nearing 150 Million USD.  The current Phase (Startup Phase) of “Aviation 360” will be beginning from February and will get in full swing during the start of next Financial Year.

The Management of GBTC and the Aviation assured each other of complete support in Global handling of the project and inturn pledged to commit their best interest to the project and its success.

This is a great Milestone for GBTC to be present in this elite league. Further advancement in this deal will emerge in the coming weeks.

Essential Commodity (Dairy Products) – SMC Contract – India

milk-1887234_1920Global Business and Trade Catalyst Services has secured SMC Contract with Leading Dairy Manufacturing Company in India.

GBTC is the Authorised Company which is involved Strategic Business Enhancement and Equity Mobilisation Process.

GBTC Will be involved in assessing, and presenting the growth strategy of the Corporate Group to Well Screened Investment Bankers and Equity Investment Financial Institutions for generating interests for securing a Equity investment to the tune of 30 Million USD.


Petro Products / Allied Petro Extraction Unit Deal – Africa


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between major Petro Extraction company in Africa and GBTC for their next project which they will be handling through the reference from GBTC.  GBTC will remain as their Strategic Project Consultant for Liasoning of the Project.  The project is set to begin post the winter 2018.  Initial Survey and personnel mobilisation will start shortly.